Monday, April 2, 2007

OCLS Learn 2.0 was a collaborative effort between the people listed below. Yes, we had fun while we made this and we learned a little too!!! Mahalo to all that participated and helped!!!

Eric Atkinson – Producer and Tech Kahuna

Sheri Chambers – OCLS Library Light and Magic Kahuna

Jim Elder – OCLS Library Light and Magic – Graphical Visionary

Adity Gandhi – HTML Sensei

Joe Justice(“likes to work on code, in his office”) Code Master

Rashal McElderry – The Voice of Learn 2.0 Podcasts and a Crash Test Pilot

Debbie Moss – Executive Producer (Kahuna Nui), Road block Remover, Resource Provider and Sayer of Yes

Jo Ann Sampson - Podcast Sensei and a Crash Test Pilot

Cassie Shivers - Database guru

Tom Simpson(Tim or Tom??) Project Kahuna and Instructional Design

Chris Zabriskie(Old Amy) OCLS Library Light and Magic – Lord of the A/V

Crash Test Pilots Association and Focus Group – these are folks that made sure the course worked
Rachel Boevers
Nicole Cavallaro
Kelly Head
Wendy Nowell
Tony Orengo
Patricia Quinones
Shaela Scanlon
Joanne Southworth

Additional Thanks to those that shared materials, ideas and inspiration:

Kathryn Robinson – Orange Slices
The Southwest Branch - SW Branch Blog
The Public Library of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County and Ms. Helene Blowers - Learn 2.0, what a great idea! Thank you!